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Neuroscience proves you should be listening to the VO BOSS podcast

Humans need connection and change, it is actually vital to our survival according to Dr.Pierre-Marie Lledo neuroscience professor at the Institute Pasteur in Paris, France. He states that human brains feed on growth and change and that to build skills and behavior change we do so through a mirror neuron effect.

You’ve read the title of this article and are probably saying “What in the world does neuroscience & this voice over podcast have in common?”

Well my friends….EVERYTHING!

Anne Ganguzza is a professional voice over actress, coach, key note speaker, and producer on the west coast of the United States. If you follow her on Instagram, @aganguzza, you will see she loves not only the voice over industry but also cats, shoes, and technology.

Gabrielle Nistico is a professional voice over actress, coach, key note speaker, author, and producer on the east coast of the United States. If you follow Gabby on Instagram, @voiceovervixen, you will see that she also not only loves the voice over business but cats, gemstones, and ensuring that we get a good laugh from all her personalized motivational messages.

Instead of having a Biggie / Tupac rivalry….

They decided to join forces in order to bring the best from the east and west coast together. Anne and Gabby have teamed up to create VO BOSS

What is VO BOSS?

Have you ever heard the phrase,

“You are who you hang out with”?

Neuroscience backs this statement up with the mirror neuron effect and because I can’t actually go sit in the same room as Anne and Gabby, VO BOSS is the next best thing to get my neurons fired up.

2017 is when Anne and Gabby produced their first episode and, as of today (it’s Jan. 14th, 2019) there are 97 episodes. Marketing, Business strategy, Money Management, Brand development, Pay to Play, Health, Retirement, and Special Guests.

Here are 4 of my favorite episodes in no particular order:

Do yourself a favor and listen, because it’s proven by neuroscience that this podcast will make you smarter.

You can listen via:


Google play



TuneIn and YouTube.

Check out their website here: or you can follow them on Instagram @vo_boss

My article is now finished and I kindly thank you for reading.

You can stop reading now, because this next message is for Anne and Gabby.

I want to thank you personally Anne and Gabby for all that you are doing in the industry and this article is my way of paying it forward. You are both an inspiration to me and if you get a couple of new listeners, then my job has been accomplished. Thank you for not having a gangster rivalry but instead, creating a powerful community for voice over entrepreneurs!

Keep doing what you are doing! #VOBOSS

Stephanie Matard is an English speaking freelance voice over artist and translator that lives and works in France. Stephanie is a female actress with an American accent.

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