Stephanie Matard

Your North American Voice Over Actress

Are you looking for an English speaking female voice over actress with a US accent with a studio?  I am an international freelance voice over talent and an American voice over narrator. 

I am available to record your professional quality voice over project with delivery in less than 24 hours depending on your project size! 

I have my own professional recording studio and I am happy to travel to your studio if needed. 


I have a General American Accent and my voice tone is young, clear and crisp, and in a medium range. I can adapt my voice acting skills to your needs, corporate narration videos, e-learning, MOOC, explainer videos, commercials, telephone message systems, radio ads, motion design, documentary, animation, dubbing, and more. 

Happy Clients

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Professional Studio & Software

Creative communication 

Rapid delivery


​Edited Tracks (either MP3 or WAV)

Free Retakes 

Free Auditions

Female, North American Accent

How to receive the most accurate quote Possible?​

If you don't have all the information for your project, I have a general voice over price guideline that I can send to you.

In order to save you time, here are a few items to keep in mind when requesting a quote for your project.

Deadline  Give a precise deadline whenever possible. This will help me better understand your expectations and allow me to organize my time in order to ensure your voice over project is a success.

Category Is the voice over for an internal corporate presentation? Is it a TV commercial voice over? Is it for an e-learning project? Is it an audio-book? Is your project for animation? ​You get the idea. 

Quantity or Length There are two possibilities to help calculate the quantity or length of a project 1.) Communicate the final script OR 2.) Provide a word count

Usage Will the voice over recording be used for broadcast? If yes, where? YouTube Pre-Roll? Radio? TV? Will it be local? Regional ? National? What Market(s)? Mass retail? Internal use? Internet use?


Budget Do you have a budget set already? A set budget that can’t be adjusted? Are you new to the rates of a professional voice over? If you have a fair budget set, this is something that can be negotiated.

Let's work together as a team to make your

voice over project a success! 

Thanks! Message sent.