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A professional voice over can elevate your e-learning project

Updated: Feb 1

Listen to the blog article here, or read at your leisure!

A professional voice over can elevate your e-learning project

E-learning is huge, and the sector is growing.

According to Valuates Reports, the global corporate e-learning industry will be worth nearly $45 billion by 2027 - double

what it was in 2021.

At a growth rate of about 10% a year and more competition than ever before, it’s important for digital learning providers to make sure their training videos stand out in an increasingly crowded and noisy marketplace.

How? Well, one way is with the help of an experienced voice-over actor, especially one with a professional studio.

Let me tell you why.

Professional voice-overs bring a human touch.

Of course, it’s possible to record the voice-over narration yourself. However, unless you have the experience, you risk sounding like a robot reading from a page - potentially with a low sound quality causing distractions.

That’s no good for your students or how your project is perceived.

A professional voice-over can provide a human touch, which lets your students feel more connected and engaged with the material.

When the voice-over is recorded in a professional studio, the sound quality will be crystal clear. The absence of background noise means distractions are minimized, and the student can focus on the material.

Better learning for eLearning students

Minimum distractions and maximum focus are key components of

an environment conducive to effective learning - and this also applies to e-learning.

This is where a professional voice-over actor can help: by keeping learners engaged and focused on the material (as opposed to drifting off while reading).

Research has shown that the human brain finds it easier to learn when several senses are used at the same time. Adding audio in the form of a voice-over adds to this multisensory learning experience.

Outsourcing this aspect of your online learning project to a professional voiceover actor will make your training videos more polished and professional-sounding.

Another great tip to avoid that robot voice creeping in is to create characters so that your voice-over actors can keep things interesting.

Efficient and effective e-learning voice-over

In addition to taking the recording of a voice-over off your plate, a professional voice-over actor can save you time more generally as well.

First of all, seeing as they’re a professional, chances are they will get it right the first time. No need for lots of back-and-forth, as we know how to work from a brief. We also tend to respond really well to feedback.

And, of course, if text changes or any adjustments are needed, a professional voice-over with a studio should be able to re-record those pieces quickly.

Secondly, with a clear script and a compelling voice-over - not to mention more engaged learners - chances are you’d have to field far fewer questions from confused students.

Who said money can’t buy time?!

3 things to consider when hiring a voice-over for your e-learning project

There are lots of things to consider when you’re looking to hire a professional voice-over for your training videos. Here are three things to think about.

● Is the voice-over experienced in e-learning? A professional voice-over can be a bit like a chameleon, adapting their voice to different scripts; it is always helpful when they can showcase that they’ve done similar work in the past.

● Do you require a specific accent? Can your voice-over do that accent well?

● The right tone of voice. Do you need a friendly, conversational tone or something more serious and with authority?

If you’d like to discuss your digital learning project with a professional voice-over actor with lots of experience in making training videos engaging, get in touch!

I am an English-speaking voice actress with an American accent and a recording studio. See the picture, and this is where the magic happens :-)

l live and work in Europe in beautiful France, and I share my time between Normandy & Paris.

If you are interested in my voice for your project, you can listen to my demos here.

Have fun creating engaging eLearning projects!

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