My Voice Over Studio 

Studiobricks Acoustic Booth

The latest addition to my studio in order to have the top sound insulation and acoustics! 

Peluso P-87



I love my microphone!

The P-87 is styled after the legendary 1970's Neumann U87i. Versatile and reliable with warm well-balanced character, the '87 is perfect for high quality vocal recordings!


Pre Amplifier

One of the best kept secrets in audio recording, this pre-amplifier is outstanding!The technology used in the PRE-73 MKIII allows for sound character that is warm, punchy, sweet and musical.  

Audient ID14


This is the high performance analogue to digital converter that I use. I love the easy interface and design.

Adobe Audition CC

I use Adobe Audition as my DAW or Digital Audio Workstation. It allows me to record, edit, and master audio. I appreciate the spectral views for editing. 


DT 990


These headphones are like little clouds on my ears. I love them and when I saw the same headphones in studios in Paris, I felt assured that I had made the best choice with the best quality sound. 

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