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My Studiobricks sound insulation booth experience

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

As a full-time professional voice over actress, I work either from my professional studio in

Studiobricks One VO Edition after installation
Studiobricks One VO Edition after installation

Normandy or travel to other professional studios in Paris or Europe.

During the recent Covid-19 Pandemic, I had more work in my home studio and less traveling, but I had one major problem! My neighbors decided they would be full-time gardeners during this pandemic, and on top of that, my family was at home ALL THE TIME.

I was recording during the early hours of the morning, at night, or begging my family to be quiet so that I could record. Then I would pray that my neighbor wouldn’t start chopping wood at the very moment I pressed the red button. Something had to give.

Soundproofing became a major priority, not just for my business, but for my marriage too!

(I don’t know how many times I had to say, “SHHHHHH, I’m still recording!” in one day!)

I had been researching for a while, and I ultimately chose to purchase a Studiobricks VO edition soundproof booth. I liked the idea of having a “ready to record” booth with a modern design.

The Studiobricks team was AMAZING, and they ensured delivery during a global pandemic.

The recording booth arrived in a huge box that was on a very large pallet.

The first step was to take all the pieces out of the box and ensure that we had everything we needed to start building.

Then we simply followed the directions from the PDF that was sent by email.

***One important note. The door is extremely heavy, as it is one piece. We installed it by ourselves, but if I had to do it again, I would definitely ask for a third person to help us lift it.

Here is a quick time-lapse video of the installation!

All in all, the construction was very straightforward, and it took us about two and a half hours to complete the external structure.

Then about an hour to install the internal elements (microphone arm, ventilator, table, & monitor) and get all the cables in place.

I couldn’t be happier with the final result. Not only is the Studiobricks recording booth soundproof, but I really love the modern design.

Here is a short video of the soundproofing while my neighbors are mowing their lawn!

Are there any negative points?

For me, there is one. The Heat! This is a negative point for any recording booth of this size.

When you have long projects, it can heat up quickly, even with the ventilation system.

I think the best thing to do is to take frequent breaks and to wear light clothing.

I hope this short article will help you if you are on the edge of purchasing a recording booth, and I wish you happy future recordings! You can check out the studiobricks acoustic booth on their website.

Written by Stephanie Matard

I am an American that lives and works in Europe. After growing up in Ohio (yes, I am a native English speaker), I moved to California to study theater and cinema and then landed my first acting job in Italy. That’s when I met my future French husband. Today I live and work in France. When I’m not working, I love to draw, paint, read, and travel. If you’re looking for a native English speaking voice-over actress with an American accent that lives and works in Europe, you’ve come to the right place! Please send me a message or call, and I’d love to help you bring your project to life.

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