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‘Tis the season for holiday voice-over

Holiday season voice over projects are some of my favorite jobs, as I love

everything about the season.

There’s something about the nostalgia and traditions that means I can bring an extra bit of sparkle and magic to holiday voice-over content!

Over the years, I have recorded many Christmas and holiday voice projects either in my studio or at clients’ locations (I don’t have reindeer or a sleigh, but I’m happy to travel to you!).

Some of my past Christmas voice-over projects include:
internet videos, YouTube preroll ads, corporate videos, internal communications, telephone messages, TV commercials, radio ads, and more!
It’s a great time to get very creative with your content.

The festive season is also an emotional time for many people, which lends itself to content that evokes and connects with these feelings. A Christmas voice-over can really bring those projects to life.

Maybe you need the voice of a Christmas elf for your project?

Or a Snow Princess, Mrs. Claus, or maybe even a Mom who’s shopping (or sitting on a plane shouting her kid’s name…)?

Home Alone is my favorite holiday movie, not least because I just need to type

KEVIN!!!!! in all caps, and you know!). But I love all those very cheesy, very predictable holiday movies too. My guilty pleasure is watching those snuggled under a warm blanket with a fire going in our fireplace.

Baking cookies is also a must-do Christmas tradition for me every year, and I may even bring some with me if I come to record a holiday voice-over where you are…

Contact me today so that we can bring Christmas cheer to your messages! I can also provide you with a project-specific demo, if needed, to help you and your clients choose the right voice for your project!

Until then, why not tell me what your favorite holiday traditions are?

I am an English-speaking voice actress with an American accent and a recording studio.

l live and work in Europe in beautiful France, and I share my time between Normandy & Paris.

If you are interested in my voice for your project, you can listen to my demos here.

I wish you a beautiful holiday season!

Merry Christmas!

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