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The history of the General American Accent

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

General American Accent and how it came about.

Today when we hear journalists or Hollywood stars, either on television or radio, they all seem to have the same accent. The question is, where is that accent from and what is it called?

The accent that they are using is called, “General American Accent”. This accent showed up in America after WWII and is close to a mid-western accent. This is mainly because at the time Americans thought that the mid-western accent was more truly American and less ethnic than eastern states. In addition, there was a general wish to move further away from British style English.

Today, due to mass-media, migration, and the internet, the General American accent is being spoken more and more. If you are looking for an American woman voice over actress, then I look forward to hearing from you in order to assist with your voice over project.

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