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Prioritizing and Goal Tracking

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Years of experience have taught me that I need structure during my workday and a way to visibly track my long term goals.

I use two separate tools to help with prioritizing and goal tracking.

As I am a full-time professional English speaking voice-over actress, this means that I’m in charge of structuring my workday, and I find that I need structure more than ever.

I wanted to share my system and what I use in case it may help someone else. At the bottom of this page, there is a link to download the PDFs to help you. PS, they are 100% free, I’m not asking for any information….I sincerely want to help others reach their goals and maybe these PDFs will be of service.

Goal Tracking - When we have large goals, they can be overwhelming and can seem unreachable.

However, if we take those goals and put them into small manageable baby steps, they are actionable and achievable.

So what I’ve created….drum-roll please….. is a Printable Goal Tracking Bullet Journal that I can put on bulletin board. Whoooohoooo!

Why did I create this version you ask?

Well…. I love the idea of bullet journals, but I have two issues with the "normal" version.

1.) I don’t like the idea of having to draw them out each month.

2.) If they are in a journal, and the journal is closed, I can’t see the list and I forget to do the daily tasks or I get sidetracked with other less important things.

How does this Goal Tracking Bullet Journal Work?

1) At the beginning of the month or a day or two before, you will need to sit down and write out your top 10 goals that you are actively working on. (if you want to start mid-month, this is possible too, better late than never!)

2) Then on the chart, you will need to write out the steps that you will need to track in order to achieve those goals. Each day the goal is completed, you color that square in to mark the page. There will be some goals that are not actionable every day. For example, I want to do cardio training three times a week; therefore, there will only be 3 squares colored in each week.

Next step – Prioritizing!

I prepare each workday by printing out my Daily Priority Sheet.

I look at my Goal Tracking Bullet Journal sheet and decide what my top priority is for the day. Then I write down three actions toward that goal.

For example, my top goal would be to finish the current audio-book that I am working on.

In that case, I would write something like this:

TOP PRIORITY – Audiobook


Record chapter 1, Record chapter 2, and Record chapter 3

Then if I have other things lined up, I make sure that they are listed in my schedule on that same sheet.

Last, but not least, on the bottom of the sheet I have free space for notes, ideas, and other tasks. Sometimes I can’t get to everything done on the day that I said, and that’s ok, I just change it to my top priority the next day!

I hope this system will help you and I would love to have your feedback. Don’t hesitate to join as a member to leave a comment on my website or reach out via email or social media! Also, if this helps you, maybe it will help a friend…share!

Bullet Journal and Goal Tracker
Download PDF • 94KB

Weekly planning
Download PDF • 88KB

Daily Priorities
Download PDF • 9KB

I am an international professional American voice over talent. I live in Europe, in France to be more specific, and I am actively seeking new international clients. I would be happy to make your project a success!

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