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How do you find a North American Woman Voice Over Actress?

I guess this question could work for any voice over actor or actress, but as I, Stephanie Matard, am an English speaking voice over actress with a North American accent, this title is a little closer to heart. Other popular terms that you could use for your search are voice over talent or voice-over artist.

Here are 10 ideas on how to find voice over talents

(in no particular order):

Type American Woman voice over actress into your search engine
Type American Woman voice over actress into your search engine

1.) By typing “American woman voice over actress” in your favorite search engine

Google, Bing, Yahoo, or Firefox whichever you prefer. You will find different actor's websites and you can usually listen to voice over demos directly on their website. All that’s left for you to do, is to contact the voice over artists directly in order to discuss how to make your project come to life.

Voice-over agencies
Voice over agencies

2.) Voice over agencies

There are many voice over agencies out there. If you search “voice over agency” near you, you will be sure to find one that fits your needs. Why should you use a voice over agency? Agencies have a list of actors and actresses that they have confirmed will deliver a quality performance with quality audio.

3.) Local recording studios

If you are going to be recording in a

professional studio in your city or in a city near you, why not ask that studio if they know any great actors or actresses for your project. Chances are they do or they will put you in contact with someone who does!

4.) On professional voice over casting “pay to play” websites

There are websites such as and voice123 that are called pay to play in the voice over industry. Voice over talents pay a membership fee each year for the ability to send auditions to clients for projects that fit their voice and acting skills. I’ve seen projects on this site receive over 100 auditions, so pour yourself a coffee or tea, get your headphones out, and get ready to listen!

5.) Video production studios

Companies that create internet videos, motion design videos, explainer videos, etc. Many of these studios have specific actors and actresses that they like to work with and that are on their roster. Not only can they create your media of choice, but they can help with casting the right voice for your project.

ACX or Audiobook Creation Exchange
ACX or Audiobook Creation Exchange

6.) ACX or Audiobook Creation Exchange

Is a marketplace for professional narrators, authors, agents, publishers and rights holders to connect and create audiobooks. You may browse the ACX producers library and send invitations for these voice over narrators to audition for your project.

7.) E learning or MOOC industry websites

Industry websites such as have a plethora of information concerning the industry. They also have an extensive list of voice over actors and actresses to choose from for your projects.

8.) Local Networking

The next time you are at a business social event, conference, seminar, or training, don’t hesitate to network. When you do, you meet a variety of people and you might even run into a voice over actor or actress.

9.) Advertising agencies

They can not only help you in designing and creating your next campaign but they can also put you in contact with voice over artists that they love to work with.

10.) Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN, and Twitter are all platforms that #voiceover artists use. You can use hashtags and or join groups and conversations to learn more about the industry and the future artists that you would like to work with.

Voice acting helps bring life and personality to your communications. I hope that these ideas will help you find the right voice for your project.

Written by Stephaine Matard

Stephanie Matard is an English speaking voice over actress with a US accent that has a professional studio in her home. If you are looking for an English speaking woman with a neutral American accent, then you may contact Stephanie for a quote and or audition for your project. Stephanie is also a French to English translator and interpreter.

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Great ways to find voice over talent.

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