About me!

Hello, I'm Stephanie Matard. I’m an American woman voice over actress with a Neutral American accent. Sometimes it is called a "general American accent".

I share my time between Normandy and Paris, France.

When I’m in my home in Normandy I’m able to record in my professional studio. When I’m in Paris I’m always thrilled to record in some of the world’s top of the line studios.


In addition I also help clients communicate by translating from French to English. This can be with documents , films, and even interpreting during live events.

When I’m not in the studio or translating, I love to draw and be creative. I also love to travel and learn about other countries and cultures. Let's not forget my love for books and reading!

My goal is to guarantee the success of your project.

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I record voice overs for commercials, internet videos, corporate and industrial narration, training, e-learning, TV commercials, online courses, IVR, on hold telephone and voicemail greetings, voice assistant, narrations, explainer videos, audio-books, internet web Presentations, documentaries, & dubbing

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